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CANSS was my senior project. I worked on it with Luke Hirshcy and Christopher Weis. My primary responsibility was the hardware design. Include schematic capture and pcb layout. However everyone in the whole group helped in all the areas.

CANSS is based off the fabulous DS80C400 microcontroller from Dallas Semiconductor. We made a 6-layer PCB to hold the DS80C400, a Micronas MAX2587F MP3 Codec, a Altera FPGA, and all the other various components. The DS80C400 ran a embedded Java OS, so all the source code is written in Java. The FPGA is programmed via the parrallel interface from the flash memory. Custom assembly code was used to allow access to these regions in the flash. The circuit and flash programming algorithm are very handy and can easily be reused in other project.

This was an ambitious project and we were unable to complete it due to a problem with the ethernet connection. This is most likely due to a PCB related problem. In hindsight we should have used the evaluation DS80C400 kit and added our custom hardware around it.

We greatly thank PCBexpress for their support of this project.

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