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Random Walking


Last year I decided to resurrect my goal to build an electric park flyer. The first attempt was a Wattage B2 Parkflyer.

This was a miserable failure. Seven years ago small lightweight electric RC components were expensive and so I ended up with a plane that was too heavy. However, now that I'm reading reviews of the kit I doubt I would have ever seen the plane fly. A couple years later I tried Nora parkflyer ARF, which never got off the workbench. The plane came almost completely assembled, but had problems in the pushrods.

Last year Matt encouraged me to get back into RC, so I bought the Great Planes Fundango kit. I assembled the plane. The kit was fairly easy to put together. With a li-po battery and a brushless motor, this plane really flies well.


With the above setup, I get about 10 minutes of flying time and fairly strong performance. It doesn't provide unlimited vertical, but it is enough to keep the plane fun. According to Heads Up RC this combo produces 22 oz. of thrust and a pitch speed of 43 mph at 14 Amps. The Tower Pro motor and LiPo is much lighter than the Great Planes Speed 400, gearbox, and NiMH batteries. Therefore, I had to put the battery in front of the wheels and still add lead weights to balance the plane.