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I. Introduction

This is a python module that can load and write iRiver database files. This module can be used to create a database GUI, command-line tools (one example provided), or anything your heart desires.

II. Installation

First download the irivdb-py package. From The untar the package and run the setup script to install irivdb-py

  # tar -xvzf irivdb-py-1.1.tar.gz # cd irivdb-py-1.1 # python install (Python v1.6 or later)  

or you can copy to you Python module installation directory

III. Using irivdb-py

The irivdb-py is a command line script that can be used to create an iRiver database of all your ogg and mp3 files. To initially create a database go to the root of your iriver device and execute

  $ irivdb-py ./  

If you allready have a database created that you wish to append to then you can append those tags to your existing database.

  $ irivdb-py -a ./mp3/some_artist/some_album/ (from the iriver root)  


  $ irivdb-py -r /iriver -a ./ (from the album directory)  

IV. Known Issues

Currently there is no checking for duplicate entries. This will hopefully be fixed in future versions.

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